About Me

[Me] My name is Simon Horman, though many people know me as Horms. I live with my family in Amsterdam. I am a director of Horms Solutions a free and open source software development company.


For most of my professional career I have worked with Open Source and Free Software, initially as a system administrator, and then as a programmer. I work with free and open source software because I believe that it breaks down barriers to people accessing technology, and makes better technology by allowing any interested party to audit or improve the code. In a nutshell, my goal is to write excellent software that is free for all to modify, enhance, scrutinise and enjoy.

I especially enjoy working on network-related projects, as I think the way that this brings people together is really interesting. I also have an interest in high-availability and have worked on and off in that area for many years. More recently the main focus of my work has been on Linux Kernel and virtualisation using the Xen hypervisor. Particularly in the areas of crash dump analysis, PCI virtualisation and various aspects of network virtualisation.

Projects Projects that I am involved in to a greater or lesser extent


One of my hobbies is to take photos, which is a nice way to keep things share experiences when traveling. Tho photo of me on this page was taken in the Imperial Palace Gardens in Tokyo by Alex. My photos can be found in my gallery.


If you want to see what I have been up to please take a look at my, sporadically updated, news.

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I totally love it when people get in contact with me, please send messages to:
Simon Horman <horms at verge.net.au>